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Monday Weigh-In Week #11

I passed my 10 week weigh-in because I was in Florida on vacation. Such a vacation that I totally forgot that I was trying to eat better and indulged in just about anything I could find. I was really nervous to get on the scale this morning and I really wish I didn’t!

Start of Week #11 Official Weight – 252.6

Now that’s a real buzz killer compared to my awesome week# 9 weigh-in! Its only my fault for eating the way I did but this isn’t such a diet as it i a lifestyle change. I tried to log my calories but when your eating out for every meal its really not possible nor does it make sense. Whats the point of logging a guess at the Golden Corral Buffet?

This isn’t so much a diet for m as it is a lifestyle change. I ate like shit for a week and now I’m back. I’m going to watch what I’m eating and get back into my groove. Hopefully I can easily slide back into the 240 range by next week.

I will leave you off with a view from our hotel room. The weather here in NY was terrible so it was nice to know we picked a perfect time to hang out in Orlando relaxing for a week. Amy and I had a great time and I don’t regret eating ice cream with her every single day! We even narrowed down our baby names!

Florida Vacation

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