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Sadly my first contribution to this site was a recipe on how I made Whole Wheat Chicken Hot Dogs. That’s just like an overweight person to always jump right to the food. This is technically my first post which most people probably will never have the opportunity to read.

Wheres this headed?


Well I need to start adding content to this site so its something both I and visitors can enjoy.

I plan to keep updating What I’m eating so you can see whats fueling me as I go along and cutting down my calories. For now I’m guessing this website will be filled mostly with pictures of food but if I have the time there’s plenty more Id like to rant about.

I’ve added an “About Me” page that briefly explains who I am.

I’d like to make a page that explains on how I plan to drop about 50lbs from where I’m at now. I will call this “My Diet Plan”.

I’m excited to make another page dedicated to my “weight loss weapons”. On that page I will discuss all the tools I’ll be using to track my weight, progress and foods. I will also discuss some other things I found vital to dropping some of this weight.

Hopefully I can concur those updates listed above within the next week or so.

My one regret is not starting this blog sooner. I’ve been fluctuating my weight a lot over the last 5 years and was close to 300lbs at one point. Since then I’ve been bouncing between 250-275. As of now my goal is somewhere around 200 lbs depending on how I think I look. This may change if I ever get close or even there. I’ve never wanted to look like a string bean and recently gave more thought to having a more appropriate BMI. I wouldn’t mind adding a bit more muscle, especially if I can make it more noticeable.

If you’ve had the chance to read this its most likely because you’ve read most of the posts on my blog or I never got around to updating it!

-Thanks for the visit regardless!


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