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Week #4 Healthy & Satisfying Dinner

Here’s a picture of my first home cooked meal for the start of Week #5. This is a good idea of a typical dinner that gets made in my house. One part protein an two parts vegetable. This was the same Salmon from the picture I shared in Food Planning & Storage.

Week #5 Monday Dinner

This was a really easy dinner to make and it was satisfying and filling.

Whats in the plate?

What you see is;

  • 1/2 an Acorn Squash with some sugar, salt and light butter
  • 5 oz of Salmon seasoned and grilled in my cast iron pan
  • Salmon topped with Trader Joe’s Sweet & Spicy sauce
  • Trader Joe’s Kimchi

The entire meal clocked in under 500 Calories!

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