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Wednesday Weigh-In Week #6

Back from California!! Because of a canceled flight I missed my Monday weigh-in. I guess better late then never so I figured I would update the blog with the stats in the middle of the week after pretty much eating whatever I wanted while I was away. I will write another post on how the trip was and what reflected on my diet. As far as what I weighed when i got home…..

Mid-Week #6 Official Weight – 251.5

This isn’t so bad of a weight considering I kind of went off my diet and exercise plan. Its a couple pounds less than the week before but that was not a very impressive weigh-in. I’m definitely not on a downward trend and almost thinking I hit a plateau. I’ve been bouncing between a low of 248 and the 253 for a while now and its pretty discouraging. I mean discouraging to the point that I’m about ready to give up on calorie counting an thinking whats the point. I’m glad I’m back to blogging because I think it will help me get back on track.

The next few posts are going to seem kind of out of order because there were some things I wanted to write about both before and during my trip.

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