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Monday Weigh-In Week #5

Its the start of a new week and time to officially log what the scale says. I really didn’t think the scale would move much because I ate pretty clean all week, hit the gym four times and only ate some junk over the weekend still keeping within my calorie goals. Well the scale moved and not in a good way!

Start of Week #5 Official Weight – 253.5


That’s an actual gain of 5lbs. There goes my achievement of dropping below 250. There really is nothing more discouraging when trying to lose weight then stepping on the scale and seeing you actually gained weight.

I woke up this morning and I did feel a little bloated. I went to the bathroom as much as I could but no way I was dropping 5lbs into the toilet.

Some of my questions

  • Could it be the junkie food?
  • Could it be sodium?
  • Is there certain food that spikes my weight?
  • Am I not eating enough food?

I immediately got discouraged and jumped onto the MFP Community forums. I did some searches to try and make myself feel better. Here are some of the things I came up with;

Water Weight

It is possible for the body to store tons of water making you weigh more, especially with increased exercise. Also adding lots of sodium will do this. Did I have increased sodium?

  1. I had pizza and wings on Friday.
  2. I dipped my sushi in soy sauce
  3. I drank more diet soda than water
  4. I ran an extra day on the treadmill.

I guess combining ll of these things would make it possible for it to be added water weight that might come off pretty easy if I can clean up my diet and lower my sodium.

Weighing Food

Some people on the forums suggest that you should weigh all your food and not just eyeball it because under estimating can greatly add additional calories. In my case I don’t think this is a problem because;

  1. I usually try to over estimate
  2. I’m already at such a deficit that even if I over ate 500 calories a day it wouldn’t have an impact.
  3. 5lbs would mean I over ate 17,500 additional calories.

Slowed My Metabolism

This is something I worry about a little but I’m not sure if its actually possible in the month I’ve been restricting calories. Its been said that if you don’t take in enough calories your body will go into starvation mode and hold onto all of the extra food you put into it. This would account for eating some junk and having a weight gain but I don’t know if I’m such a believer. My daily calorie goal of 1,650 is on the low side for someone my size but I don’t think its entirely unhealthy.

Is there something wrong with me?

I recently had a blood test done for a life insurance policy and all though everything came back fine I did notice something that was a little off. I will discuss this in another post but its in the back of my head giving me something to think about.

What to do?

I’m not going to get all upset and run to Wendy’s for a triple with Bacon. I’ve always had trouble around the 250 mark and its always been such a pain in the ass to break through. Th only thing I can do is just stick with what I’m doing and make some adjustments. Being that I’m leaving Wednesday for California I’m going to have a hard time tracking any changes that I make. This could just be a plateau and my weight always fluctuates anyway.

When I get back I want to start challenging myself. Both fitness wise and eating I’m going to add exercises and take some food out that’s no good. I can do this for about three weeks because I have another vacation coming up in the end of March. I will keep the blog updated with any challenges I do.

I’m falling of track with my weight loss projection worksheet so I’m just going to make edits to update the weight where I’m at now.


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