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How much walking do you do at Disney?

I thought it would be interesting to see how much walking we did on vacation and especially at the Disney Parks. I never take my Fitbit off anymore so I have records of everything.

Disney Castle

Where did we walk at Disney?

We had a pretty late start not leaving the hotel until about 11:00. Our day started at Epcot where we walked around the whole circle and saw all the countries. We got a hopper pass so we could check out Disney World because we knew that Epcot wouldn’t take us so long. When we were done at Epcot we just jumped on the monorail and shot over to the Disney park. I really only cared about going on the Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion Ride. We couldn’t really do any of the roller coaster types because Amy’s pregnant but that’s fine with me because I’m not such a ride person. Most of our visit hear consisted of checking stuff out quick and eating.

Days Total

This is my Fitbit screen shot of what the day looked like.

Disney Exercise

Its impressive but not as far as I would have guessed. I figured the whole circle of countries at Epcot is around 3 miles. The part that did blow my mind is the actual calories burned. This is an example of my theory that you can eat a little shittier on vacation because you make it up doing these types of activities. Over 4,000 calories! Its too bad that between the German Buffet, turkey leg, ice cream, funnel cake and everything else I don’t remember I probably ate over 5,000 calories. All in all it was a great day.

Here’s another shot of the activity through out the day

Disney ActivityYou can see here that we got a late start. We stopped off for lunch around 1:30. After that we spent the day checking out the sites.

Had we gotten an earlier start and actually did more at the parks these figures would of been boosted by a lot.

So…. if you have kids and your out from 9 to 9 going on every ride and circling the parks multiple times your going to have a pretty good day.


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