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Monday Weigh-In Week #4


Its Monday and I hope to post a weigh-in every single week to announce my progress. Hopefully I have progress to share or this will get embarrassing fast.

Luckily today when I got on the scale I was surprised with some good news!

Start of Week #4 Official Weight – 249.1

Hell YES!!!!! I broke out of the 250s!!!!


I couldn’t wait for this to happen. The lowest I’ve been in the past 8 years was about 245 which only lasted a few days right before my wedding in September.

I’m feeling incredible and my clothes are starting to get looser on me. I even stopped jiggling so much when I job on the treadmill. I was going through some old photos, looking for some real before & after pictures to post up on the site, and I was blown away. I really have changed my lifestyle over the last few years just enough to drop some weight and jump back in gear when I see my weight climbing again.

After seeing the great news on the scale I hit the gym early to get my cardio out of the way. I felt great after eating pretty clean all day Sunday and only having some coffee in my stomach from breakfast.
I rocked the treadmill and almost nailed my goal of jogging non-stop for two miles. I would count it but I had to stop three times to tie my shoelaces. I was so frustrated with them I ended up putting double knots in.

I shaved almost a full minute off the post I made the other day comparing my treadmill times to when I started.

Of course after doing so well here my 3 mile time improved as well. I was able to keep jogging without getting really winded or cramping up. Only annoying thing was I had really bad cotton mouth.

2 Mile Time 2-17-14

3 Mile Time 2-17-14

Today I only did 45 minutes with an 8 minute cool down. I’m getting better because the longer I jog the more calories I can burn off in a shorter amount of time. Id love to hit the gym and run 3 miles in 30 minutes and get on with my day.

Here’s my overall stats for today without counting my 8 minute cool down.


I came home and drank a ton of water. Then I broke out my DSLR camera and attempted to make some lunch and put up some high quality photos for my Tuna & Guacamole on Wasabi Cracker Recipe. I really hate using the DSLR and just cant get the hang of it. The pictures came out disappointing and after taking so long to do it the crackers got kinda soggy. Oh well, got to get in the food is fuel mindset!




Treadmill Progress Week #3

Last night was valentine’s day and as you can see from my previous post I got a little carried away with food. I promised I’d try to make up for it on the treadmill.

I figured it would be helpful to include some screen shots showing my treadmill times before and after. These are only for this year and over the last four weeks. I jogged a bit back 6 months ago that probably helped improve these times today from when I was a complete couch potato.

Treadmill Progress 2.0 Miles Week#4I personally track all of my progress on the treadmill by snapping pictures. My first goal on the treadmill is to do 2 miles as fast as I can. I’d like to get the 2 miles down without stopping to walk but I haven’t been able to do it yet. I would have done a little better today but my shoelace came untied and I had to slow down to tie it.

I cut almost 5 minutes off my time and burned more calories because I was able to jog at a faster pace. I pretty much do a warm up at 3.7 for 30 seconds and then increase it to around 5.3 for as long as I can hold it. Id really like to be able to job straight through in under 20 minutes.

I usually do about 45 minutes and a 5 – 10 minute cool down when I go to the gym. I try to get in at least 3 miles which used to seem impossible. I snapped another photo of my 3 mile time today and included and older one. I’m not sure when I took this one because I wasn’t even able to make it to 3 miles in the beginning.

Treadmill Progress 3.0 Miles Week#4

Here you can see that I cut down about 5 minutes off the 3 mile total. I also burned more calories in a shorter amount of time which is nice. I probably could of done a bit better today but the food from Valentines day was sitting in my stomach like a brick.

I’m trying to get my 3 mile time under 30 minutes. This would be a huge achievement for me! I also think to myself how great it would be to turn all this running into doing some 5K’s in the spring.Before I even consider something like that I’d have to be able to jog at least the 3 miles non-stop. I think this will be a great way to mix exercise with something I can do socially. I have a few friends that run these and I think it would be fun for Amy to come out and cheer me on.

Treadmill Progress Week#4I did a full 60 minutes today because I had the time and my poor eating the night before gave me some motivation. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty brutal and I slowed down a lot after I hit my 3 mile marker. This is my third day on the treadmill to close out the week and my average calories burned every day should fall right at the 3100 daily I described in My Diet Plan.

Just over 4.5 miles and just under 800 calories. Not to bad!

Now I just need willpower so I don’t go home and eat Amy’s mini cupcakes!




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