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Monday Weigh-In Week #7

Its Monday which means another official weigh-in for the start of a new week. Last week was my transition back from vacation and I really wasn’t doing very good both eating and logging calories into MyFitnessPal. Some meals I just entered as a total lump some of calories because I didn’t feel like figuring it out or just didn’t know how. Didn’t have high expectations but I really cant complain.

Start of Week #7 Official Weight – 248.1


I broke back into the 240’s on a regular Monday after a lack of exercise and eating great. Maybe this is the start of busting out of this plateau I feel like I’ve been stuck in.

Next Steps for Dieting

After freaking out about weighing the same over the last few weeks I totally picked apart my diet and got obsessive about why I really haven’t been budging. Even though I was going to give my Vitamin D deficiency a chance to work itself over and see the results, if any, I just really want to get this moving. I decided to give myself a 3 week challenge.

3 Week Diet Challenge

After watching my brother eat Paleo last week I realized that I could clean up my diet. I’ve been eating loads of processed stuff with high carbs and sodium. None of these things are good for weigh loss even if I’m restricting my carbs. For the next three weeks I’m going to try and cut down my carbs big time and eliminate anything processed, loaded with sugar or gluten. Three weeks of this should do me good and maybe even keep my system guessing so it continues to be a fat burning furnace.

Support of a Significant Other

Yesterday I was talking to Amy about my diet blog and how I feel like it will keep me on track making posts about my progress and being embarrassed to eat like shit.

Working from home all day and having nothing but a few short phone conversations with people usually leads me to a social overload as soon as she walks in the door from work. Amy’s great at listening to me rant about whatever my current passion is and knows just how to yes me to death.

Something other than her “yea”, “that’s great” and “good idea” stuck in my head. I was telling her how I was going through some old pictures from a few years back to add to my blog to show how I’ve transitioned so far. The days before I cared what I put in my mouth, and did anything but sit on the couch all day. I showed her some of the pictures and we were both in awe at how big I was for a time.

My weight has really yo-yoed for the last 6 years and we were comparing the lightest I’ve been to the heaviest and now. Amy told me, “This time your going to be the lightest”. I was like, “what do you mean”? She explained that I’ve really come such a long way with the way we’ve changed our eating habits and how I’m noticeably more active. She says that she can just tell this time that I’m going to reach my goals.

I’m really lucky because not once has she ever complained to me about my weight or ever looked at me any different. Not only in weight loss but what ever I do she is 100% behind me.

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