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Mixed up my Weeks


I was getting a little upset because I thought I’d been doing this for 5 weeks and should have made more progress.

I looked over my stats on Myfitnesspal, Fitbit and my Weigh Loss Spreadsheet. I realized that I started the spreadsheet with Week #1 when it should have read Week #0. Only because the start of that first week was a weigh-in and I wouldn’t lose weight until the following week would be more like a first week ending.

Hope it doesn’t get confusing but luckily I realized this now. I went back and changed the blog titles to read for the appropriate weeks.

I’ve been a little bit busy the last few days to make some posts but I have some upcoming thoughts id like to add to this site. I also just got my sweet header for the top of the website so now it looks like a much more professional weigh loss blog!

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