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Week# 4 – Celebrity Weight Problems

Some Random Thoughts

I’ll be writing this post during the commercials of Walking Dead so I’m not sure which direction I’ll end up taking it. Lets just hope I can stay on track.

So far I was thinking to myself that there aren’t so many morbidly obese walkers. They aren’t as skinny as they should be considering the caloric deficit they’ve been facing. This tells me two things.

  1. Turning into a walker must somehow change their metabolism.
  2. Humans must be very high in calories.

From what I’ve seen so far most walkers have pretty average builds.

2013-10-27 01.54.48Actually I have a fun photo to share. Kinda proves my theory because one time when I was a Walker, I was at my all time thinnest. No, I wasn’t really a Walker, this is actually me in my last Halloween costume. It was lots of fun pretending to be one and the costume came out great!

That’s another downfall of being an extra-large person. Its always hard to get a cool costume in your size so you have to think outside the box. They make just so few of the XXL ones and I barely every fit in any of them.

Real Celebrity Weight Problems

Turtle Before & AfterAnother thing that was motivating this past week was something I saw on TV while I was at the gym. They were talking to that Turtle guy from Entourage and congratulating him on his weight loss. This was pretty inspiring to watch as I was busting my ass on the treadmill. I think I heard something like he lost over 50lbs. That’s about where my goal is so I thought it would be cool to show his facial progression.

This dudes lost a good amount of weight and so far he’s been able to keep it off. He said he pretty much just cut out the junk food and ate less. I didn’t really think there was any secret celebrity diet.

Rob Kardashian Before & AfterIf there is some secret celebrity diet someone should fill in Rob Kardashian. NO, I don’t watch the Kardashians, but sometimes Amy has it on while I’m in the room. I noticed this guy put on a hell of a lot of weight since the last time I just happened to be in the room while it was on. This was one of those motivations in the way of being like, “look at that skinny dude that got fat!

Writing this blog has my wheels spinning thinking about new things to write about. I had my ears and eyes open when I was listening to him cry about having to drop 60lbs. I can relate because again, that’s right around what I’m looking to lose. I think to myself this is great because now I can compete with Rob Kardashain and see who does better at dropping some pounds.

Back To My Weigh Loss Plan

Overall week #4 was probably my worst so far. It wasn’t terrible but I had a holiday mixed in and I tried to let all my snow shoveling here in NY compensate for my exercise. I’m really not planning to see much movement south in the scale tomorrow morning for my weekly weigh-in.

Tomorrow I’m going to try and post my stats for week #4 and show some analytics from MFP and Fitbit. I was going to try to make a post to show where I actually started this year and how far I’ve come since then so everyone doesn’t just hop on at the end of my fourth week. Here are my goals for this week and hopefully I wont hit any speed bumps. Here are my goals for the upcoming week.

  • Get in at least three 45 minute treadmill sessions
  • Stay around the 1,650 calorie mark all week
  • Come up with a Low Calorie Pesto Recipe
  • Think of some more good posts for this site
  • Add some reviews of stuff that I use

Most of these goals will be pretty typical. If your wondering about the Pesto, I bought a huge bunch of Basil I was using on flat bread paninis and I don’t want it to go to waste. For some reason I’ve been wanting pesto but didn’t think it would be possible because its made with lots of olive oil. I thought about the ingredients and figured I’d see if I could make some substitutes to get a similar taste and bring down the calories. We’ll see what happens with that and if its decent I’ll post my recipe.

All in all I don’t see this week being to complicated and i think I can jump right back on track. We have to do some grocery shopping because we ran out of Almond milk and cereal has been my staple breakfast for the last few weeks. That gives me an idea for a post about grocery shopping and another for food substitutes. Lets see how it goes……


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