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Monday Weigh-In Week #12

These weeks are going by faster and faster and before I know it another Monday is here. The last weigh for week #11 was disappointing because I was finally making some progress before I went on vacation. I’ll announce my weight and than I can discuss whats going on.

Start of Week #12 Official Weight – 251.5

This week was a total of one pound dropped since last week. I’m glad it didn’t go up but surely I could have done better. This goes to show a week of eating like shit on vacation can have some lasting effects. All that hard work pre-vacation is down the drain until I lose these pounds again.

I did weigh myself through out the week and dropped into the 240’s again but no where close to what I weighed when I left. I haven’t been totally committed to eating good and having a hard time getting back to the routine I was in. My life has been very hectic with my business being really busy and our house in total dismay trying to get ready for this baby. These are some problems and then you add three our four family/friend parties in a week and its sabotage!

Moving Forward

I feel like I’ve been saying the same thing for my last 5 weigh-ins but I’m really trying to get back into a routine. We haven’t even done any grocery shopping since we got back from Florida last week so any food choices in the house are found deep in the freezer or we’ve done some take-out. I’m going to attempt to drop the carbs again Monday-Wednesday and watch what I eat the other days. That seemed to be working really good for me. I’m still using MFP as much as I can but when you go out to eat or pick on random stuff around the house its really hard to accurately log everything.


Monday Weigh-In Week #11

I passed my 10 week weigh-in because I was in Florida on vacation. Such a vacation that I totally forgot that I was trying to eat better and indulged in just about anything I could find. I was really nervous to get on the scale this morning and I really wish I didn’t!

Start of Week #11 Official Weight – 252.6

Now that’s a real buzz killer compared to my awesome week# 9 weigh-in! Its only my fault for eating the way I did but this isn’t such a diet as it i a lifestyle change. I tried to log my calories but when your eating out for every meal its really not possible nor does it make sense. Whats the point of logging a guess at the Golden Corral Buffet?

This isn’t so much a diet for m as it is a lifestyle change. I ate like shit for a week and now I’m back. I’m going to watch what I’m eating and get back into my groove. Hopefully I can easily slide back into the 240 range by next week.

I will leave you off with a view from our hotel room. The weather here in NY was terrible so it was nice to know we picked a perfect time to hang out in Orlando relaxing for a week. Amy and I had a great time and I don’t regret eating ice cream with her every single day! We even narrowed down our baby names!

Florida Vacation

Monday Weigh-In Week #9

Another week past and another Monday morning weigh in. Of course the weekend did me in even though I feel like I was an angel. Nothing too unhealthy or calorie loaded but I’m sure I hit the sodium hard.

Start of Week #9 Official Weight – 246.5

Its slow but its going! Another pound lost in one week. I really cant wait to start hitting those 230’s!

This week is an exciting week for Amy and I. We find out tomorrow what kind of baby were having. That’s right! Shes 20 weeks along. Neither of us care if its a boy or girl. All we want is a healthy baby.

Saturday we leave for our Florida vacation and as much as I’m looking forward to that my diet isn’t. Cant e a saint all the time.

Monday Weigh-In Week #8

Another weekend to sabotage my progress. Maybe if I switch my weigh-in dates to Thursday mornings Id be happier with the results. Its all basically relative because the goal is to weigh less all the time.

Start of Week #8 Official Weight – 247.5

Weeks Summary

That’s not terrible and its nothing great but I was more than 0.5lb down from the week before. The other good part is that I’m getting under that 250 mark and hope I don’t see that come around again.

I failed at my 3 week diet challenge but it doesn’t mean I’m a total failure. Starting today I’m going to kick it up again and do my best to eat clean and healthy. The gym has really been hard to get back to but I did Friday. It was torture and I forgot how much it sucks running on that treadmill. I did a full hour but couldn’t run the whole first mile in the beginning and most of the hour was spent fast walking.

I have two more weeks to try and drop as much as possible before the next vacation. This ones going to be a killer because were going to Orlando for a few days and Amy loves her treats like pancakes and ice cream. Hopefully all the walking around will help fight off some of those extra calories I take in.

I’ve been thinking a lot about switching my fitness to more weigh training. I wont burn the same amount of calories but maybe I can do it more consistently and not be so bored at the gym. Of course these are just thoughts but I really have to get off my ass and get back to the gym.

Treadmill Stats past week

In case your curious what that tough day back at the gym looked like after taking off for a while here are the stats. You can compare them to one of my other treadmill posts when I was really into it HERE.

2 Mile Time

2 Mile Time


3 Mile Time

3 Mile Time


Total Workout

Total Workout – 60 Minutes +cool down

Monday Weigh-In Week #7

Its Monday which means another official weigh-in for the start of a new week. Last week was my transition back from vacation and I really wasn’t doing very good both eating and logging calories into MyFitnessPal. Some meals I just entered as a total lump some of calories because I didn’t feel like figuring it out or just didn’t know how. Didn’t have high expectations but I really cant complain.

Start of Week #7 Official Weight – 248.1


I broke back into the 240’s on a regular Monday after a lack of exercise and eating great. Maybe this is the start of busting out of this plateau I feel like I’ve been stuck in.

Next Steps for Dieting

After freaking out about weighing the same over the last few weeks I totally picked apart my diet and got obsessive about why I really haven’t been budging. Even though I was going to give my Vitamin D deficiency a chance to work itself over and see the results, if any, I just really want to get this moving. I decided to give myself a 3 week challenge.

3 Week Diet Challenge

After watching my brother eat Paleo last week I realized that I could clean up my diet. I’ve been eating loads of processed stuff with high carbs and sodium. None of these things are good for weigh loss even if I’m restricting my carbs. For the next three weeks I’m going to try and cut down my carbs big time and eliminate anything processed, loaded with sugar or gluten. Three weeks of this should do me good and maybe even keep my system guessing so it continues to be a fat burning furnace.

Wednesday Weigh-In Week #6

Back from California!! Because of a canceled flight I missed my Monday weigh-in. I guess better late then never so I figured I would update the blog with the stats in the middle of the week after pretty much eating whatever I wanted while I was away. I will write another post on how the trip was and what reflected on my diet. As far as what I weighed when i got home…..

Mid-Week #6 Official Weight – 251.5

This isn’t so bad of a weight considering I kind of went off my diet and exercise plan. Its a couple pounds less than the week before but that was not a very impressive weigh-in. I’m definitely not on a downward trend and almost thinking I hit a plateau. I’ve been bouncing between a low of 248 and the 253 for a while now and its pretty discouraging. I mean discouraging to the point that I’m about ready to give up on calorie counting an thinking whats the point. I’m glad I’m back to blogging because I think it will help me get back on track.

The next few posts are going to seem kind of out of order because there were some things I wanted to write about both before and during my trip.

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