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Month: February 2014

Monday Weigh-In Week #5

Its the start of a new week and time to officially log what the scale says. I really didn’t think the scale would move much because I ate pretty clean all week, hit the gym four times and only ate some junk over the weekend still keeping within my calorie goals. Well the scale moved and not in a good way!

Start of Week #5 Official Weight – 253.5


That’s an actual gain of 5lbs. There goes my achievement of dropping below 250. There really is nothing more discouraging when trying to lose weight then stepping on the scale and seeing you actually gained weight.

I woke up this morning and I did feel a little bloated. I went to the bathroom as much as I could but no way I was dropping 5lbs into the toilet.

Some of my questions

  • Could it be the junkie food?
  • Could it be sodium?
  • Is there certain food that spikes my weight?
  • Am I not eating enough food?

I immediately got discouraged and jumped onto the MFP Community forums. I did some searches to try and make myself feel better. Here are some of the things I came up with;

Water Weight

It is possible for the body to store tons of water making you weigh more, especially with increased exercise. Also adding lots of sodium will do this. Did I have increased sodium?

  1. I had pizza and wings on Friday.
  2. I dipped my sushi in soy sauce
  3. I drank more diet soda than water
  4. I ran an extra day on the treadmill.

I guess combining ll of these things would make it possible for it to be added water weight that might come off pretty easy if I can clean up my diet and lower my sodium.

Weighing Food

Some people on the forums suggest that you should weigh all your food and not just eyeball it because under estimating can greatly add additional calories. In my case I don’t think this is a problem because;

  1. I usually try to over estimate
  2. I’m already at such a deficit that even if I over ate 500 calories a day it wouldn’t have an impact.
  3. 5lbs would mean I over ate 17,500 additional calories.

Slowed My Metabolism

This is something I worry about a little but I’m not sure if its actually possible in the month I’ve been restricting calories. Its been said that if you don’t take in enough calories your body will go into starvation mode and hold onto all of the extra food you put into it. This would account for eating some junk and having a weight gain but I don’t know if I’m such a believer. My daily calorie goal of 1,650 is on the low side for someone my size but I don’t think its entirely unhealthy.

Is there something wrong with me?

I recently had a blood test done for a life insurance policy and all though everything came back fine I did notice something that was a little off. I will discuss this in another post but its in the back of my head giving me something to think about.

What to do?

I’m not going to get all upset and run to Wendy’s for a triple with Bacon. I’ve always had trouble around the 250 mark and its always been such a pain in the ass to break through. Th only thing I can do is just stick with what I’m doing and make some adjustments. Being that I’m leaving Wednesday for California I’m going to have a hard time tracking any changes that I make. This could just be a plateau and my weight always fluctuates anyway.

When I get back I want to start challenging myself. Both fitness wise and eating I’m going to add exercises and take some food out that’s no good. I can do this for about three weeks because I have another vacation coming up in the end of March. I will keep the blog updated with any challenges I do.

I’m falling of track with my weight loss projection worksheet so I’m just going to make edits to update the weight where I’m at now.


Can I lose weight on vacation?

Next week I’m planning on visiting my brother in LA for four days and Id like to stay on track with this eating thing. I like to visit my little bro once or twice a year because he lives all the way across the country. The only other time I get to see him is Christmas or if he has to come back home to New York for an emergency.

New York is a great place for food but when I go LA its even more of a food Mecca. When I originally discussed my trip with my bro we talked about sampling some of the most popular food trucks in LA. I even did some homework and read the reviews to find the most popular ones.

LA VacationOn most of my trips I fly in on a Wednesday night and we walk down to Cabos Cantina on Sunset Boulevard. This place is awesome for cheap, delicious Mexican food and huge margaritas. This is usually followed up by some bar hopping on the walk back to my brothers place. My stay is filled with sampling some of the great LA food and binge drinking the nights away. It’s always an awesome time!

Not so much this trip

This trip is probably going to be a little different. My brother switched to full Paleo Diet in the beginning of January. He’s really been sticking with it and has no intentions of going off anytime soon. I thought “why should my visit have any impact on his new lifestyle change“? So, I called him last week and told him that if he was concerned I would fuck up his Paleo he didn’t have to go off it just cause I was coming. Surprised by his answer he said “no worries, your eating Paleo too!” Apparently his roommate (my best friend) also started eating 100% Paleo. He told me that this trip would consist of all paleo eating and lots of hiking in the Hollywood Hills.

This was actually kind of a relief for me. I’m sure I will still indulge a little here and there but, eating at my brothers place and adding in lots of exercise would be great to keep me on track with my own goals. Los Angeles is a great place for being outdoors and enjoying outdoor activities. There are so many awesome hiking trails and I’m really curious to see what its like. My brothers in way better shape than me but with all the treadmilling I’ve been doing I’m sure I can keep up.

What Exactly is Paleo?

Briefly, Paleo is one of the oldest diets known to man. Sometimes referred to as the hunter gatherer diet because it only includes things that are natural. Paleo eaters don’t eat anything that’s processed. Most Paleo meals consist of meat and vegetables. After I spend a few days with my brother I’m sure I’ll have some more to add to my brief definition.

Can I lose weight on vacation?

Sounds like I can! Just as long as I don’t go overboard and we keep active I don’t see it being a problem. Last year I found myself sitting by myself in the airports Carl Juniors trying to sample everything on the menu. This time around I know I have way more self control.


What I ate during Week #4

I will leave you with pictures of some of the food I’ ate over week #4. I want to start taking pictures of everything I make and if I don’t add recipes I will include it on the site

Ravioli & Baked Chicken Parm

Above is some baked chicken parm with raviolis. Not the healthiest but a very small portion. Amy was driving me nuts for the Raviolis.

Chipotle Pork Shoulder

Here is marinated pork shoulder I used to make my copycat Chipotle Carnitas recipe. I was going to post the full recipe but I forgot to take a picture of the finished burrito bowl. This is one of my favorite meals that we eat every two weeks but usually with chicken. If your a macro counter a burrito bowl is great because it has all the macros!

Pico De Gallo

This is my Pico De Gallo that I made for the Chipotle Burrito Bowls. Extremely low calorie and makes a great topping. Its really easy to make too.

Chipotle Pork Shoulder in Oven

Here is a photo of the pork a few hours after cooking.

Chipotle Pork Shredded

This the pork after its shredded. You can see the bowl ready in the background with pinto beans and brown rice. Still pissed I forgot to take a picture at the end.

Rotisserie Chicken Wrap

Amy wanted rotisserie chicken from the grocery store so I cut mine up and put it on a whole what wrap with some guacamole, sour cream and cheese. It tipped off around 350 calories and was really filling.

End of Week #4 Stats & Progress

Its the end of week for and I have some time to share all my stats with the site. I hope to be able to do this every week so you can see how I’m doing and what the week looks like from my technology standpoint. All of the images in this post are from screen shots of the Fitbit and MyFitnessPal App.

Overall I know I could of done better food wise but, I did add an extra day at the gym. My non-gym days were so sedentary that I don’t think it did too much damage on the calorie burning aspect. I don’t expect to see much of a jump in the scale Monday. I need to work on this weekend food thing!

Weight Chart

Week #4 Weight ProgressFirst lets take a look at my actual weigh loss progress over the last month. I think Fitbit calculates the weight change from the highest weight (259). I’ve hit my lowest weight this week which is great! You can see that my weight easily fluctuates about 3 pounds per day.


Week #4 Calories Burned

Week #4 Calories BurnedThis graph shows the calories I burned for the week. The three green days are the ones I went to the gym. On gym days I burned more than 3,350 calories putting me at my goal. On sedentary days I burned between 2,700 – 2,900 which are shown on the graph in grey.



Net Calories Eaten

Week #4 Net CaloriesHere is a graph from MFP showing the net calories eaten. This means that burning calories added to the allowable calories. I don’t ever eat back my calories so they are well under 1,650 on exercise days. MFP has me set up to eat about 1,650 calories a day. You can see the days I went over because the graph is red above the 1,650 line.

My worst days were Thursday and Friday because I didn’t eat at home. I burned a lot of calories at the gym on Friday morning which is the only thing that saved me from going off the charts that day.

I don’y pay attention to the 4,174 number because it doesn’t include the calories MFP adjusts when it suggests me the 1,650.

Actual Calories Eaten

Below is the chart from the MFP website showing my actual calorie intake for each day of Week #4. MFP actually calculates a week from Monday – Sunday and I can’t go back to show Sunday – Saturday. You can see how MFP adjusts for exercise.

Week #4 Calories Consumed

My Blood Work Protein Levels?

In the beginning of February I had some blood work done for some life insurance I applied to. The results came back fine by the insurance companies standards, but I looked over the results myself and noticed something strange. One of my protein levels came in on the low side. It was just below the acceptable range but still low?

These were my blood work results

Blood Work


Whats Globulin?

Out of curiosity I went to the Google and did some research on Globulin. The results I found were interesting. Globulins are proteins in the blood that regulate the function of the circulatory system. According to Wikipedia the normal concentration of globulins in the blood is about 2.6-4.6 g/dL. Mine were lower than this and slightly lower than the insurance rating of 2.0 g/dL.

Whats Low Globulin mean?

Low globulin levels can indicate liver disease, an inability to digest or absorb dietary protein, malabsorption, inflammatory bowel disease or Celiac disease, some sort of cancer, anemia or kidney disease. I’m thinking this is something Id probably want to look into.

After further research I discovered that you should also have a specific ratio of Globulin/Albumin. Albumin is circled in my blood work results and comes in at 4.8 g/dL.

Albumin / Globulin Ratio

You get your Albumin/Globulin ratio by dividing your albumin by your globulin. My ratio is approximately 2.52. Its suggested that the ideal A/G ratio be somewhere between 1.7-2.2. A level higher than 2.2 can indicate decreased thyroid function, low globulin, an excess of glucocorticoids or a variety of other problems.

My Thoughts

People say you shouldn’t freak out when you self diagnose yourself by reading stuff on the internet. I don’t, but I do think I should get checked out. My weight isn’t coming off as easy as Id like to these blood proteins point directly to weight related problems like hyperthyroidism or Celiac. My younger brother has Celiac but he has issues gaining weight. I think the best thing I can do is make an appointment and get checked out by a doctor, its been a while anyway.


I Still Can’t Stop Over Eating


Last night I was reminded how I’m an addict and I haven’t overcome my desire for food. Even though I’ve been doing so great I actually embarrassed myself. The hardest part about me eating better isn’t changing what I eat but, limiting the amount I eat, especially when it comes to take-out.

Pizza Self ControlThis Friday night we went over our friends house for dinner and ordered in some pizzas. They had some chips out and my friend offered me some beer. I thought to myself, “I got this”. I ate pretty good all day so some pizza and beer wouldn’t hurt. I sat down with my bud light and started munching on a few chips. I kept noticing that I was the only one eating the chips and my hand wouldn’t stop reaching into the bowl. Finished beer #1 and started working on another. Luckily it was time to leave and pick up the pizza.

There were four of us and we got two pies and probably two dozen wings. My friends really don’t eat to much. I started with two meatball slices, four wings and I could have been content. I knew the pizza was going in the garbage and a little voice kept saying have another slice. So, I grabbed slice #3 and dropped in like 3 more wings. Another beer….. and now I realized control was gone. Everyone was done eating and there was so much left. Figured I would clean off the table and when I went in the kitchen I saw the boxes of pizza sitting on the counter. This is where it was kind embarrassing because I grabbed a paper towel and walked out of the kitchen with slice # 4. WTF was I doing? I also knew that we had brought little ice cream cups over for dessert and I polished off one of those too.

I was pretty disappointed in myself and don’t know why I feel the need to finish EVERYTHING. Even when I’m at someone else’s house. In our house the temptation isn’t there because I restrict everything that comes in and the amount that’s cooked. I know I’ve been doing good and limiting my calories all week but a slip up like this really isn’t acceptable.

I felt really bad when I forced myself to log everything into MFP when I got home. I totally killed all the exercise I did that morning just to big out on some beer and take-out. My biggest hurdle will be learning how to stop overeating.





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